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2022-11-04 Notes

I am very invested, at least emotionally, in Coop Cloud as it is a project that is very much in alignment with what I think the Internet needs to remain useful and free. Won’t go into much detail about this here as this page is more about Coop Cloud than anything else. More thoughts on Coop Cloud Here is an unorganized braindump of things I’ve been thinking about regarding Coop Cloud....

November 4, 2022

Wiki Cafe and Coop Cloud

At the moment, in Wiki Cafe, we use Coop Cloud tooling to run all of our applications. Coop Cloud’s recipes and CLI tool called abra are tools that help you self-host web applications easily without having to grok Docker Swarm. The recipes give you all the files you need to deploy applications with sane out-of-the-box configs. You can then use abra to deploy what the recipes describe. Easy. The cool thing about abra —and why it might be better to start off with abra—is that it forces you to use best practices for deployments while making it easier to do so....

November 1, 2022

2022-10-23 Notes

Docker Swarm stack configuration best practices Abra configuration management I’ve been thinking a lot about Docker Swarm stack configuration best practices as a result of working with Coop Cloud’s Abra. Abra is a CLI tool that makes it easier to self-host open source applications. Abra works with Coop Cloud’s Recipes, which are essentially versioned git repositories that have all of the files needed to deploy an application to a server using Docker....

October 23, 2022

Choosing a container registry

Dedicated container registries The CNCF’s Cloud Native Landscape, a comprehensive overview of cloud native projects and products, has a list of all notable container registry tools. Looking at our choices, we have 5 open source projects: Distribution (Docker Registry) Dragonfly Harbor Kraken Quay Distribution is best in minimal set ups where you don’t need anything beyond basic container registry capabilities. You should consider Harbor or Quay when you need additional features for managing image access, security, monitoring, etc....

October 18, 2022

2022-10-17 Notes

Sharing a directory among multiple users The Filesystem Hierarchy Standard does not specify where to share files among users, it does hint at making directories under /home for groups to share group files in those directories: On smaller systems, each user’s home directory is typically implemented as a subdirectory directly under /home, for example /home/smith, /home/torvalds, /home/operator, etc. On large systems (especially when the /home directories are shared amongst many hosts using NFS) it is useful to subdivide user home directories....

October 17, 2022